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Beverly Hills Weekly“Briskman is up-front and direct, and like how she votes or not, she votes her conscience. What you see is what you get. But that directness often belies her enormous strengths and abilities. Few people have ever served on our council with a better grasp of how city government really works.” Rudy Cole, Contributing Editor, Beverly Hills Weekly

Week of February 9th, 2009 - Briskman leads City of Beverly Hills delegation to Washington DC.

Councilmember Linda Briskman is in Washington DC the week of February 9th, leading a delegation from the City of Beverly Hills including Police Chief David Snowden and City Manager Rod Wood. For four years Linda has led our City's legislative advocacy efforts in Washington (and Sacramento). Beverly Hills now has key relationships with Senators Boxer and Feinstein, and Representative Waxman. The City delegation is spending this week continuing successful efforts to have Washington support our transportation goals and law enforcement and safety needs. To date Beverly Hills has received over $2 million in federal support.  With new leadership in Washington and the economic and financial stimulus packages being considered by Congress, this is a very critical time for our City to have a strong presence in Washington. Briskman is sending out an update on the advocacy efforts during the the week, and a summary of the visit at the end of the week. You can subscribe to these emails by linking here.

Beverly Hills Community Project

"You’re currently considered the go to person when it comes to seeking funding in "Sacramento and Washington. How will you approach efforts in light of the budget problems in California and the new Obama administration?"

"I have 100 percent support from our legislative leaders in Sacramento ...  (District 23 Senator) Fran Pavley and (42nd District Assemblyman) Mike Feuer are big supporters ... I plan to go to Sacramento perhaps in the next couple of weeks if this budget crisis doesn’t reach some kind of solution. I’m already scheduled to go to Washington in February with the City Manager ..."

City Council Campaign Kickoffs - Beverly Hills Courier 1/15/09

... Linda Briskman hosted her kickoff on the east end of Beverly Hills, Sierra Drive.

Beverly Vista's Co-President Jen Schwartz' son, Max, checked in residents with a name tag reading “Re-Elect Linda Briskman.”

Greeting attendees at the entrance was Briskman's campaign manager, Jerrie Heslov, president of The Maple Counseling Center. She was joined by well-known resident Michael Karlin, who opened Linda's speech. “In these hard economic times, we cannot afford to have a City Council without the most experienced leaders,” he said. “Linda has served us well. I hope she will be our next mayor.”

(Former Mayor) Delshad echoed Karlin when closing the incumbent's kickoff. “The City needs Briskman's experience to move forward,” he said. “We cannot (in these harsh economic times) have on-the-job-training.”

12/18/08 Courier interviews Linda Briskman

“We are writing to urge you to run for reelection to the Beverly Hills City Council. Now, more than ever, we are concerned about the state of the City.” In the middle of November, more than 150 residents took out an ad in The Courier begging Linda Briskman to run for a third term on the City Council.

They asked Briskman to run because she has the “leadership and experience” to make tough decisions in the looming financial crisis and felt her “advocacy in Sacramento and Washington D.C.” was vital.

12/12/08 City Council and City Treasure Candidates Finalized

Incumbent Linda Briskman was one of eleven candidates filing for the three open Beverly Hills City Council positions. The election will be held on March 3, 2009