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Linda Briskman's Commitment To Our City

Public Safety

  • Work with the Board of Education to bring our schools up to the safety standards our children deserve.
  • Maintain aging infrastructure in the residential neighborhoods and business district.
  • Make neighborhoods safer with continued advocacy in Washington, DC for Homeland Security grants.
  • Support our Fire and Police Departments by funding the best equipment to serve our community.

Health and Welfare

  • Work with regional partners in bringing mass transit to the Westside.
  • Continue COG efforts to unite the Westside cities as a stronger voice in Sacramento.
  • Make our community water wise and energy efficient.

Fiscal Responsibility

  • Insure the funding to provide for the highest quality education for our children.
  • Continue to use my extensive business experience to reduce City expenses without cutting service.
  • Evaluate the City's real estate portfolio to see what prudent decisions would best benefit the City.

Community Planning

  • Look to entitle smart development with a high revenue and low traffic generation.
  • Revitalize underutilized commercial areas through a cooperative incentive program with developers.
  • Complete the General Plan and the new Zoning that will implement the community vision for the future.
  • Insure that every new commercial project is adequately parked