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Campaign Events

Tuesday March 3rd
Polls open 7:00 am to 8:00 pm
8:30 pm Victory Party

511 North Sierra Drive

Jan 11: Campaign Kickoff
Jan 15: 9am Coffee - Il Cielo
Jan 15: SWHOA Forum
Jan 19: 7pm Coffee
Jan 20: 6pm Recep Porta Via
Jan 21: Noon Lunch
Jan 21: 7pm Coffee
Jan 25: 3pm Wine Reception
Jan 26: 7pm Coffee
Jan 27: 7:30pm Coffee
Jan 28: Chamber Forum
Jan 29: Muni/BHNOA Forum
Feb 4: 7pm Coffee
Feb 5: 6pm Reception- Gearys
Feb 8: 3pm Wine & Cheese
Feb 15: 2pm Coffee
Feb 16: Coffee (cancelled)
Feb 18: 9am Coffee
Feb 18: 11am Coffee
Feb 18: 7pm Coffee
Feb 19: 7pm Coffee
Feb 21: 5pm Wine & Cheese
Feb 23: Coffee
Feb 24: 10am Coffee
Feb 24: 7pm Coffee
Feb 25: 7pm Coffee


Please come and talk with Linda. Contact the campaign for more information:
(310) 273-6210

Linda Briskman

I am asking for your VOTE of confidence Tuesday March 3rd to continue to represent you on our City Council.

If you have not voted by mail, please make sure to vote in person this Tuesday. If you still have a vote by mail ballot that you have not mailed in, it is too late to mail it in. You need to fill it out and hand it to your polling place on Tuesday.

Your polling is likely to have changed since the Presidential election in November. You can check on your polling place by using this website

I am honored by the outpouring of support I have received from the citizens of Beverly Hills, 10 former mayors, 37 current City Commissioners, the Police and Fire Associations, School Board members & parents, and our local, state and federal legislators. You may view a list of supporters by linking here.

Beverly Hills Weekly“Briskman is up-front and direct, and like how she votes or not, she votes her conscience. What you see is what you get. But that directness often belies her enormous strengths and abilities. Few people have ever served on our council with a better grasp of how city government really works.” Rudy Cole, Contributing Editor, Beverly Hills Weekly

“As Mayor and Councilmember, Linda Briskman opened the doors for us to participate in our City’s government. She promoted the use of technology so that all Council meetings are televised live and available as on-demand video. Anyone can watch any meeting whenever they want. Linda made sure that ahead of each meeting full staff reports are available on the City’s website. It is not enough to preach transparency, Linda practices transparency.” Hon. AJ Willmer, City of Beverly Hills Technology Committee

"As a parent, PTA member, President of the BHEF and City Council Member, Linda Briskman has always been first in supporting our Schools. She worked to pass the current $10 million/year JPA agreement with our School District and will make sure that even in these troubled times, the City is financially secure and can continue to afford supporting our Schools." Steven Fenton, Dr. Brian David Goldberg, Beverly Hills Board of Education

“Linda has lead the continuing effort to make sure the public safety needs of Beverly Hills are known in Washington, DC and Sacramento. As a result, the Department of Homeland Security is now in a joint partnership with our City to make sure our Police officers have the state of the art technology needed to make this city among the safest in the nation. Det. George Demarois, President Beverly Hills Police Officers’ Association

Linda is a true advocate of public safety in words and in actions. Her personal involvement in enhancing the Fire Department has improved the level of safety for all residents by keeping our response time fast, and maintaining our Class 1 ISO rating.” Dennis Andrews, President Beverly Hills Firemen’s Association

You can contact us by emailing
or calling (310) 273-6210.


Linda J. Briskman